May 25, 2024
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Quitting Your Day Job Calculator

Ready to start your entrepreneurial journey? But still working the 9-5 to survive. Check out our handy calculator that will help guide you establishing a financial baseline that will allow you to make the jump!

Quitting Your Day Job Calculator
Savings Calulator to quit your job(1)

Preparing for Your Leave

The winding road of entrepreneurship comes with twists and turns that can leave aspiring business owners filled with equal parts exhilaration and terror. However, with thorough preparation and planning, the risks can be mitigated. This calculator aims to empower your leap of faith by arming you with the financial, emotional, and operational insights needed to fly rather than fall.

Keys to Transition from Employment to Entrepreneurship

Keys to Transition from Employment to Entrepreneurship_
  1. Save aggressively before taking the leap to ensure financial runway for your business.
  2. Line up mental health support accounting for the strain of this career shift.
  3. Time transitions strategically to avoid burning bridges with employers.
  4. Validate your idea to prove market viability before overinvesting.
  5. Construct scalable systems so operations can handle growth.
  6. Anticipate challenges proactively to power through the inevitable setbacks.
  7. Make tough choices through the lens of your long-term vision.
Keys to Transition from Employment to Entrepreneurship_

Can I Afford to Quit my Job Calculator

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