April 19, 2024
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Jobs to Do While on Maternity Leave: How to Earn Income and Care for Your Newborn

jobs to do while on maternity leave

Going on maternity leave can be an exciting yet challenging time financially. While you focus on bonding with and caring for your new baby, you may also worry about losing income during this period or struggling to make ends meet.

The good news? With some strategic planning, flexibility, and creativity, mothers can find ways to earn money from home and supplement their income while on leave.

Why Consider Working While on Maternity Leave

Why Consider Working While on Maternity Leave

Before deciding if working during maternity leave is right for you, consider:

  • Most women take 12 weeks of maternity leave on average, some take longer. That’s potentially 3-6+ months without your regular paycheck.
  • You’ll have increased expenses with a new baby to factor in like diapers, clothing, medical bills etc.
  • Earning extra income, even modestly, can ease the financial strain of being on leave.
  • The right remote jobs align well for those caring for newborns, offering flexibility and control over your schedule.

While resting and bonding with your child are top priorities, many new moms find that taking on some level of work helps provide additional income while keeping their career momentum going.

Finding the Right Job Fit

The key is to strategically choose work that fits your unique needs and situation during this season of life. When searching for jobs, consider:

  • Your personal interests, skills and experience – choose work that aligns with strengths.
  • How much time you realistically have to dedicate to additional work each week. Be honest with yourself.
  • Any childcare help you’ll have – working while baby naps can be productive.
  • Whether you’ll need to be available on-call for baby’s unpredictable schedule.
  • What work-related expenses you may accrue, like supplies or equipment.

Also research restrictions in your area. Those collecting government assistance may have limits on additional income earned while receiving benefits.

Once you map out your own needs and bandwidth, explore jobs that fit within your parameters.

“The best job for you to do while on maternity leave is the one that fits your individual needs and circumstances.”

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10 Jobs to Consider

Here are 10 common jobs for new moms that offer flexibility, align with diverse skills, and can provide that extra income boost when you need it most:

1. Freelance Writer

Leveraging writing skills to earn income is popular for moms for good reason – it’s flexible, can be done remotely, and helps build a portfolio.

As a freelance writer, you might:

  • Write articles, blog posts, eBooks, web content etc.
  • Find clients through platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer etc.
  • Choose your own subject matter preferences.
  • Set your own schedule.

Freelance platforms make finding writing gigs easier than ever too. While rates vary, expect to earn around $25-50 per 500 words as an entry-level freelance writer.

2. Virtual Assistant

For those with sharp organizational and administrative skills, virtual assisting can be the ideal maternity leave job.

As a VA, you may:

  • Schedule calls and meetings.
  • Organize emails and documents
  • Manage projects and to-do lists
  • Coordinate team communication
  • Provide other admin support

Having robust communication and time management abilities is key. Prior office experience helps too. VAs can find clients through sites like Upwork and Zirtual or by networking with local professionals. Average pay is $15-$25 per hour.

3. Tutor

Moms can cash in on their academic expertise by tutoring students online around their availability. Subjects like math, science, languages, music or test prep (think SATs) are always in demand.

You might tutor through platforms like VIPKid (for English language learning) or local tutoring marketplaces that connect you with students in your area. Most tutors charge $20-50 per hour depending on expertise level and subject matter.

While schedules are flexible, patience and solid teaching skills are a must when working with students!

4. Rideshare Driver

Driving for a rideshare company offers moms the ultimate flexibility to control their work availability. Juggle baby’s unpredictable schedule while still tacking on supplemental cash through companies like Uber and Lyft when convenient.

You dictate the hours and days you drive. While pay varies, drivers average around $14-$18 per hour after gas expenses. Note that a qualifying vehicle and car safety check is required for rideshare driving.

5. Online Surveys & Market Research

In your (limited) downtime, participate in online surveys, focus groups and interactive market research. It’s an easy way to earn some extra cash and rewards.

Sites like Survey Junkie, InboxDollars and Respondent offer ways to share your opinions, get paid for open-ended interviews, and earn gift cards or cash. Just watch out for survey scams. Most pay $1-$5 for quick 5-15 minute surveys or interviews.

6. Sell Handmade Goods Online

For crafty moms or those with creative skills, consider opening an online shop on craft and vintage marketplaces like Etsy. Sell handmade jewelry, artwork, baked goods, clothing and more!

You set prices and manage shipping logistics. Etsy makes selling quick and convenient by putting your homemade wares in front of their built-in global audience. Consider also selling at local craft fairs and boutiques to expand your customer reach.

7. Childcare

What better maternity leave job than caring for another little one in your home? If you have space and availability, provide childcare services to another family locally. Sites like Care.com connect parents searching for caregivers with qualified candidates.

You could also consider nannying opportunities that align with your schedule. Pay averages $15-$25 per hour depending on your experience level and the number of children you care for.

8. House Cleaning

Similar to childcare services, busy working parents always need help keeping their homes tidy. Offer house cleaning or maid services during select days or evenings that mesh with your availability.

platforms like Handy or Angie’s List help connect cleaning professionals with clients. Consider asking neighborhood friends and family if they need cleaning help too. Pay averages $15-$40 per hour.

9. Pet Services

Pet parents need support too! Provide dog walking, pet sitting visits or pet taxi services while neighborhood pet owners are away at work. Sites including Rover and Wag can help connect you with pet clients needing your help.

10. Direct Sales Consultant

If you have a loyal social network who loves your product recommendations across categories like cooking, makeup, candles, clothing and more – direct sales may be for you.

As a direct sales consultant, you sell favorite products directly to customers through in-home parties or online channels. Popular direct sales companies include Stella & Dot, Pampered Chef, Scentsy, Rodan + Fields and more.

You earn commission and bonuses based on your sales. While a motivated social network is key, the flexibility and ability to work around baby makes direct sales popular for parents.

4 Tips for Success When Working While on Leave

4 Tips for Success When Working While on Leave
  1. Set a Consistent Schedule: Choose set times slots centered around baby’s routine to work each day. Consistency, even in small blocks of time, leads to progress.
  2. Leverage Nap Times: Nap times are prime work time! Have your computer ready to tackle projects while baby sleeps.
  3. Communicate About Availability: Be upfront with clients about your maternity leave schedule. Block off your calendar when you are unavailable.
  4. Automate Where Possible: Tools like IFTTT and Zapier help automate tasks like data entry to save time. Identify manual tasks to streamline.

The key is crafting a sustainable balance between rest, family and any additional work you take on. Say no when needed to prevent burnout.

Choose the Best Job For You

While no “one size fits all”, hopefully this guide provided ideas to earn extra income in a way that aligns with your needs during this special

season with your little one.

Every mother and circumstance is unique. Reflect on your priorities, abilities and support system to determine if taking on extra work is right for you at this juncture.

If you do choose to pursue additional income streams, pick work strategically rather than trying to cram in too much. Find the delicate balance between bringing in cash and still soaking up those irreplaceable newborn snuggles.

Wrapping up Jobs to Do While on Maternity Leave

  • There are diverse jobs moms can leverage to earn income remotely while caring for a new baby at home. Writing, virtual assisting, driving for rideshares and selling handmade goods are just a few flexible options.
  • Focus on opportunities that align naturally with your interests and skill set. Tutoring, pet sitting or leveraging creative pursuits are great for some moms.
  • Be realistic about how much availability you have to take on extra work each week. Consider enlisting childcare help like family members to create pockets of work time while maintaining balance.
  • Set a sustainable schedule that complements the magical chaos that comes with caring for a newborn. Protect your precious rest and bonding opportunities.

While maternity leave paychecks may temporarily cease, with careful planning, you can still keep income flowing by taking advantage of the ultimate flexible schedule that comes with being home.

Test out a few income ideas that spark your interest, leverage productivity tactics to help streamline your workload, and don’t be shy asking for help when needed.

Most importantly, soak up every sleepy snuggle, silly face and sweet baby smile along the way. This time goes faster than imaginable!

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