June 21, 2024
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The Top 15 Best Side Hustles for Teachers to Earn Extra Money

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Teachers are often financially strapped and need to supplement their income with side hustles. The good news is that teachers possess valuable skills like communication, organization, and subject expertise that make them well-suited for certain flexible side hustles. This article will cover the top side hustle options that allow teachers to earn extra money while working around their demanding schedules.

Why Teachers Need Side Hustles

Why Teachers Need Side Hustles (1)

The average teacher salary in the US falls well short of the national median income. Yet teachers continue to dig into their own pockets to provide learning materials for students. Between low pay and high expenses, teachers could benefit greatly from side hustle income.

Some key advantages of a side hustle for teachers include:

  • Leveraging teaching skills for other money-making ventures
  • Flexibility to set your own hours around your teaching schedule
  • Ability to combine passion projects with earning extra cash
  • Potential to eventually turn a successful side hustle into a full-time business

When chosen wisely, side hustles can be rewarding personally and financially.

Key Takeaways

  • Teaching skills like communication transfer well to lucrative side hustles in tutoring, curriculum design, or content creation
  • Look for gigs with schedule flexibility that work around your existing teaching workload
  • Opt for side hustles aligned with your passions for maximum fulfillment and success
  • Leverage summers off or school breaks for more intensive seasonal side hustles

1. Tutoring

Leveraging your teaching expertise to tutor students is one of the most popular side hustles for educators. You can offer online tutoring through platforms like Varsity Tutors or Wyzant or arrange for local, in-person tutoring.

  • Consider specializing in a specific subject or exam prep like SATs based on your background
  • Set your own schedule with flexibility for class times and hours
  • Earn upwards of $20 per hour with the potential to charge over $100 per hour for specialized subjects or services

Tutoring plays directly into your existing skillset while accommodating variable schedules each week. It’s scalable too – take on as few or as many students as fits your bandwidth.

“I earn $30,000 per year tutoring students in math and science outside of my regular teaching job. The income helps support my family, and I find working one-on-one with students incredibly fulfilling.” – Brian, High School Teacher & Tutor

2. After-School Programs

Given your background working with students, facilitating extracurricular programs is a natural fit. You have options to collaborate with your school, nearby facilities, or start your own independent program.

Popular after-school side hustles for teachers include:

  • Academic support through homework help sessions
  • Enrichment programs in arts, music, sports
  • STEM education opportunities
  • Test prep & exam tutoring
  • Special needs support

Generate income by registering student participants while using existing school space or community centers to keep overhead costs low if hosting your own program.

“I run a creative writing after-school program at my local library twice a week. We have 25 students that pay $15 per class which provides me an extra $750 per month doing something I really enjoy.” – Sarah, Middle School English Teacher

Tutoring & After-School Program Takeaways

  • Leverage your teaching skills and expertise in these related side hustles
  • Feature schedule flexibility with control over your program’s hours
  • Bring in $20 – $50 per hour through these endeavors

3. Summer Teaching & Seasonal Camp Jobs

The summer provides a prime opportunity for teachers to take on more intensive side hustles with a seasonal nature.

Popular summer jobs for educators include:

  • Summer school teaching positions
  • Camp counselor roles at local parks and recreation or niche camps
  • Curriculum planning gigs
  • Tour guide roles leveraging your content expertise

These summer jobs allow you to earn solid income during your months off from traditional teaching. They also build valuable experience for your education career.

“I’ve spent the last three summers working at a local children’s science camp that needs counselors with STEM backgrounds. It’s fun to design hands-on experiments and activities for the campers while also earning $5,000 over the summer.” – Lorraine, 8th Grade Science Teacher

Seasonal Summer Jobs Takeaways

  • Bring in income during your months off from school
  • Build your resume with expanded experience
  • Make $3,000 – $5,000 during summer months

4. Sell Educational Materials & Curriculum

Sell Educational Materials & Curriculum

Teachers have insider expertise on creating engaging educational resources. You can monetize your knowledge and passion for curriculum development by selling these materials online.

Popular platforms to sell teaching materials and resources include:

  • TeachersPayTeachers
  • Amazon self-publishing for workbooks or lesson plan bundles
  • Your own website with subscription options

Consider niche topics like special needs curriculum, early childhood literacy, or STEM activities based on your background and interests.

“I’ve made over $75,000 selling science experiments, hands-on projects, and interactive lesson bundles on TeachersPayTeachers.” – Louisa, High School Chemistry Teacher

You spend ample time creating curriculum either way – why not earn some money in the process?

Educational Materials Takeaways

  • Leverage your curriculum development time for extra income
  • Monetize niche knowledge related to your background and interests
  • Earn over $1,000 per month once your store is well-established

5. Online Content Creation

The rise of platforms like YouTube and TikTok provide fresh opportunities to create educational content and build an audience. These social platforms boast high revenue potential through ad shares, affiliate links, and sponsorships once your following reaches a certain scale.

Content creation side hustles for teachers may include:

  • YouTube tutorials on academic topics or study skills
  • Fun TikTok edutainment videos
  • Educational blogs with affiliate links and display ads

Just ensure your school doesn’t have policies against promoting your social channels to current students.

“My education TikTok account has over 500,000 followers. The ad revenue from my short science videos brings in over $2,000 per month and allows me creative freedom.” – Sam, Middle School Science Teacher

Content Creation Takeaways

  • Combine your passions for teaching and content creation
  • Build a loyal audience with helpful, engaging educational content
  • Earn over $2,000 per month once your account gains traction

6. Freelance Gigs

Teachers possess a unique combination of knowledge, communication abilities, digital literacy, time management and other transferable skills ideal for the gig economy.

Popular freelance side hustles for educators include:

  • Writing & editing services
  • Virtual assisting for businesses
  • Website design or social media management

Top freelance platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and Flexjobs enable you to offer your services to clients all over the world without geographic restrictions.

“I have a steady stream of editing and proofreading side gigs for academic papers and ebooks which I fit around my teaching schedule. It brings in $800+ per month that I rely on to help pay the bills” – Priya, High School English Teacher

Freelance Takeaways

  • Flexibility to choose your own clients and set hours
  • Leverage transferable skills from teaching
  • Earn $25 – $50 per hour for niche freelance services

7. Get Creative with Handmade Goods

Unleash your creativity with handmade goods you can sell online through sites like Etsy or Creative Market. This allows monetizing hobbies and artistic talents into side income.

Popular products teachers design and create include:

  • Printables like lesson plans, classroom decor, or planners
  • Custom tie-dye clothing lines for students and parents
  • Arts & crafts kits for children

Lean on your insights into what students, parents and educators need while adding your own creative spin.

“I’ve built a full-time business selling lesson plan binder bundles, printable wall art, and other teaching materials on Etsy that cater perfectly to my niche yet still provide creative fulfillment.” – Amanda, Elementary School Teacher

This is also a great summer break side hustle to immerse yourself when you have more free time.

Creative Goods Takeaways

  • Combine your passions for creativity, crafting and teaching
  • Leverage spare time during summer and holidays to create products
  • Bring in $500 – $2,000 per month selling online

8. Childcare Services

Teachers possess ideal skills for childcare services like nannying, babysitting and helping with homework support. Parents value educators who understand learning development and can enrich activities.

Options include:

  • After-school nannying
  • Date night babysitting
  • Summer break intensive childcare

Register with agencies like SitterCity and Care.com to access families seeking qualified childcare. You can also spread the word locally through parent forums and community boards.

Set competitive rates given your specialized experience and availability scheduling around your existing teaching commitments.

“I babysit and offer homework help for several families in my neighborhood throughout the school year earning around $1,000 per month. Then I run a summer kids camp hosting up to 10 children per day.” – Gaby, Elementary School Teacher

Childcare Takeaways

  • Highlight your specialized skills and experience with kids
  • Set hours that work within your current teaching schedule
  • Earning potential from $15 – $25 per hour

9. Driving & Delivery Services

Apps like Uber, Lyft, Instacart and DoorDash provide easy gig work opportunities. While you likely won’t earn enough through rides and deliveries alone to replace a full salary, this can be an ideal side hustle during down times or breaks from school.

Perks include:

  • Totally flexible schedule
  • Ability to offset vehicle ownership costs
  • Potential for $15 – $25 per hour earnings

Be selective on timing to avoid over-exhaustion from your primary teaching job. Set income goals and work availability parameters.

“I drive for Lyft a few evenings per week for a few extra hundred dollars when I want a short mental break from teaching. I know I’d burn out if I tried to do it daily.” – Marc, High School Math Teacher

Driving & Delivery Takeaways

  • Flexibility to set your schedule
  • Offset car ownership costs
  • Earn in your downtime from teaching

10. Rent Out Your Space

Apps like Airbnb enable renting extra living space to guests as a lucrative side hustle. This includes spare rooms, backyard cottages, empty parking pads or driveways and more.

Benefits for teachers include:

  • Earning potential of $1,000+ per month
  • Set your own availability between guests
  • Showcase your teaching skills and interests by offering unique, educational experiences for guests

Just be certain your lease or mortgage allows for subletting. Also inform your insurer in case any policy changes are needed.

“I host musicians and artists in my small backyard cottage to supplement my income. I love learning from culturally diverse guests!” – Clara, High School Music Teacher

Space Rental Takeaways

  • Passive income from unused square footage
  • Fits with a teacher’s variable schedule
  • Bring in $100 – $150 per night for hot rental markets

11. Offer Local Home & Yard Services

Handy teachers can offer services to neighbors like:

  • House cleaning
  • Yardwork & lawn care
  • Minor home repairs or painting

Print some flyers or spread the word on Nextdoor to advertise services around your community. You can easily net $15 – $30 per hour for this work during your downtime.

“I make about $1,000 per month doing basic home and yard upkeep services for elderly folks in my neighborhood. It gets me outdoors while helping great people.” – Lamar, Elementary School Teacher

Home Services Takeaways

  • Flexible gig without extensive time commitments
  • $30/hour earnings potential
  • Get outdoors and give back

12. Sell Handcrafted Goods

You can also get creative with handcrafted goods to sell locally or online via Etsy, Facebook Marketplace or school craft fairs.

Popular items made by teachers include:

  • Customized school supplies
  • defeating designs
  • Personalized décor and gifts

Tap your passion for creativity with teaching-related offerings differentiated from mass-produced products.

“I sell custom hand-lettered and embroidered laundry bags, totes, and other items on Etsy for $15 – $30 each, earning around $400 per month from my designs.” – Amelia, Kindergarten Teacher

Handcrafted Goods Takeaways

  • Unleash creativity through customized, handmade goods
  • Earning potential of $300 – $500 monthly
  • Showcase passion for teaching with personalized offerings

13. Get Paid to Test & Review Products

A more passive side hustle includes getting paid to test and review consumer products. Platforms like Influenster, Toluna and UserTesting pay everyday people to try items and share their opinions.

You may test:

  • Educational toys & games
  • Teacher planning resources & tools
  • Classroom or office supplies
  • Edtech products

Simply provide your demographic info and qualified profiles will periodically ship you items related to your background. In exchange you complete quick surveys, social posts or reviews. It’s an easy way to score free products plus pocket some extra cash.

“I routinely receive $15 – $60 payments for giving feedback on products sent to me, like kids toys and art supplies I then use to stock my elementary classroom!” – Tabitha, 3rd Grade Teacher

Product Testing Takeaways

  • Get free products tailored to your niche
  • Give your opinions for quick cash
  • Earn $30 – $75 monthly passively

14. Participate In Focus Groups

You can also participate in focus groups and user interviews leveraging your specialized knowledge as an educator. Sites like FocusGroup.com connect niche demographics with market research firms to provide insights.

Examples may include:

  • Student & teacher wellbeing studies
  • Edtech product feedback
  • Education policy testing

Sessions pay $50 to $150 each lasting around 1 – 2 hours. While irregular, this provides simple side income that fits around your flexible schedule.

“I participate in several education-based focus group interviews and usability tests per year. It’s rewarding to provide my perspectives while learning about the latest innovations.” – Sebastian, High School Teacher

Focus Group Takeaways

  • Irregular flexibility attending occasional sessions
  • $75 per hour payout range
  • Provide valuable insights leveraging your niche

15. Educational Blogging & Affiliate Marketing

Finally, blogging aligns perfectly with teaching by showcasing your expertise. You can earn through ads, affiliate links, sponsored posts and selling your own educational resources.

Content ideas may include:

  • Classroom experiments
  • Book recommendations
  • Learning activity ideas
  • Teaching tips & encouragement

Build traffic by sharing your blog content on social channels and networking with other teachers.

“I earn over $2,000 per month through my education blog, which I’ve grown over the past two years. I love having this creative outlet and community of engaged readers and fellow teachers.” – Amanda, Middle School Teacher

Blogging Takeaways

  • Creative outlet showcasing your niche passions
  • Can take time to build but long-term passive potential
  • Bring in $2,000+ monthly with an established blog

Side Hustles Provide Fulfillment and Financial Freedom

The side hustle options for teachers are vast with today’s digital world and booming gig economy. Whether you utilize summers for more intensive work or pick up online gigs during the school year, supplemental income can alleviate financial stresses. Just be sure to set boundaries and avoid overextending yourself.

Most importantly, explore side hustles that excite you and tap into your unique blend of knowledge, skills and passions. Taking that first step towards extra income on your own terms can be truly liberating.

You’ve got this! Now get out there and hustle.