June 21, 2024
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How to Get Booked on a Podcast

How to Get Booked on a Podcast The Ultimate Guide for Experts, Influencers, and Thought Leaders

Getting booked as a podcast guest is an excellent way for experts, influential voices, and thought leaders to expand their reach and boost their credibility. With podcast listenership reaching new heights every year and niche formats on the rise, now is the perfect time to leverage podcasting for your personal brand. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, author, business leader, or creative professional looking to spread your message, understanding the key steps for successfully booking podcast appearances is crucial.

In this guide, we’ll explore the essential ingredients for becoming a sought-after podcast guest, including:

  • Building a compelling online presence
  • Identifying and connecting with relevant podcasts
  • Crafting persuasive pitches
  • Expanding engagement through social media
  • Perfecting your on-air persona and skills
  • Securing invitations through podcast matchmaking platforms
  • Making the most of your appearances

Follow this strategic playbook to start booking high-value podcast features efficiently and consistently. You’ll gain access to massive audiences hungry for your unique insights and expertise. Let’s dive in!

Table of Contents

Crafting an Authoritative and Engaging Online Presence

Getting invited onto popular podcasts starts with building an influential personal brand. Podcast hosts want experts who:

  • Offer unique perspectives and insights
  • Demonstrate strong thought leadership
  • Attract an existing audience or following

Essentially, your accomplishments, ideas, prominence, and ability to tell compelling stories dictate your appeal as a potential guest.

That’s why as a first step, you must develop an engaging online identity across multiple channels, including:

A Polished Website to Spotlight Your Expertise

  • Share your backstory, credentials, achievements, and big ideas prominently on your professional website.
  • Optimize site content with relevant industry keywords and phrases for discoverability.
  • Highlight testimonials, media features, talks/presentations, and client wins to showcase authority.

An Informative Bio to Summarize Your Value

  • Craft a short yet powerful bio to showcase your unique experiences, perspective, and expertise.
  • Include key facts – education, career highlights, awards won, publications, thought leadership activity.
  • Keep it scannable with concise yet impactful sentences focused on your value and differentiation.

Active and Engaging Social Accounts

  • Build engaged followings on networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram by consistently sharing valuable insights.
  • Participate actively within your industry’s conversations and communities.
  • Use hashtags, tagging, and mentions to extend your reach and make strategic connections.

With a compelling online footprint established, you’ll spark podcasters’ interest and start gaining visibility. Now let’s look at the critical next phase – identifying and connecting with relevant shows.

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Researching Podcasts and Hosts in Your Niche

Not all podcasts make for great guest opportunities. The key is finding shows that:

  • Address topics aligned with your expertise
  • Reach your target listener demographic
  • Have resonance with your personal brand

Here’s a step-by-step process for researching ideal podcast prospects:

Define Your Goals and Ideal Audience

  • Clarify why you want to be a podcast guest based on business or career objectives.
  • Identify demographic factors like industry, seniority level, psychographics of your target listeners.

Use Directories to Discover Established Shows

  • Search podcast directories like ListenNotes and Podchaser to find popular shows in your domain.
  • Filter by categories, topics, number of episodes, download ranges and listener ratings.

Explore Emerging Podcasts Through Networks

Utilize Ranking Charts to Pinpoint Leading Shows

  • Scan location-specific podcast charts on platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.
  • Focus on consistently high-ranking shows related to your field.

Confirm Audience Fit

  • Vet the finalized podcast prospects by listening to multiple recent episodes.
  • Assess factors like production quality, guest mix, content depth, engagement and alignments with your brand.
  • Ensure the guest application process is accessible through the website/social media channels.

With 5-10 top, well-researched prospects on your list, it’s time to create your pitch deck.

What Makes a Winning Podcast Guest Pitch?

What Makes a Winning Podcast Guest Pitch

Booking guest spots is a competitive game. To grab podcasters’ interest and secure your slot, you need an irresistible pitch.

So how do you craft something compelling that gets you past the initial screening call?

Here are proven pitch strategies:

Lead with Value and Intrigue

  • Summarize why you would make a valuable guest – share your unique perspective, experiences, knowledge base.
  • Highlight your achievements or recognitions – showcase thought leadership credentials.
  • Describe what makes your viewpoint special – niche expertise? contrarian ideas? Storytelling ability? Diverse backgrounds or fields? Road less travelled in your journey?
  • Include ‘hooks’ – timely insights? Just released research? Upcoming product launch? Current events tying into your expertise?

Align Yourself with Show Interests/Past Episodes

  • Show affinity and enthusiasm for their unique format, style and past content.
  • Describe episode ideas drawing links to relevant past topics or angles not yet covered.

Weave in Compelling Narratives

Podcasters love great stories that engage audiences. Strategically share specific life events, career changes, challenges overcome, light-bulb insight moments etc tied to lessons learned and morals for the audience. Vulnerability and authenticity are key for forging connections with listeners.

Conclude with Logistics Details

  • Mention ideal availability windows for recording
  • Highlight any essential gear/software you have access to
  • Provide social media handles, website so they can vet your platform
  • Express flexibility – re: date/times, episode length, solo/co-guesting, in-studio/remote recording

And don’t forget – personalize each pitch! Generic outreach is very transparent and easy to discard. Do your homework on the show so you can speak to their unique needs.

We’ll cover additional strategies for boosting pitching success later. But first, let’s talk about amplifying discovery through social leverages and communities.

Expanding Your Visibility Within the Podcasting Community

The podcasting world is highly collaborative with vibrant online communities constantly engaging via social media. As a guest hopeful, actively participating in these ecosystems is invaluable for:

  • Raising your personal profile and credibility through thought leadership
  • Building authentic relationships with podcasters
  • Getting invited spontaneously for podcast features and interviews

So where should you focus engagement efforts?

Interact Directly With Target Shows/Hosts

  • Comment or post regularly on their social media updates
  • Ask thoughtful questions
  • Share episode links with your network
  • Provide guest recommendations

This trains the spotlight on you organically, sparking hosts’ interest.

Participate in Related Online Communities

Look for and follow hashtags like #podcasters, #podcasting, #podcastguests to find active discussions. Contribute your insights, commentary and experiences around podcasting practices or industry trends. Help others by answering questions. This visibility flags you as an invaluable member of the space.

Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader

Position yourself prominently by:

  • Guest posting on industry blogs
  • Giving talks or workshops at conferences/events
  • Writing and sharing educational social posts using trending hashtags
  • Curating or contributing to online magazines or newsletters

Any way that you can demonstrate expertise makes hosts take notice and want access to those insights.

While organically building connections takes time, you can also utilize dedicated podcast matchmaking platforms for getting fast exposure opportunities.

Leverage Podcast Guest Directories and Pitch Services

In recent years, a variety of startups have launched platforms designed specifically to connect experts with podcasters. Participating in these makes guest pitching easy and efficient. Here are the most popular options:

PodMatch by Vurbl

  • Browse 1000s of shows and filter by category, format, location, production quality
  • Submit your podcast guest profile and requests directly to shows accepting pitches
  • Build and track meaningful connections for current and future appearances


  • Get alerted about podcast guest opportunities matching your expertise
  • Quickly respond to booking notices with your pitch, rates, and availability
  • Use their free media kit builder and distribution for increased exposure

Podcast Guests

  • Create detailed guest profiles viewable by 1000s of podcasters
  • Get notified when hosts looking for experts on your topics start searches
  • Maintain full control over managing booking inquiries

So tap into these platforms for getting your profile in front of a wide spectrum of podcasters actively seeking experts like yourself!

Now let’s ensure you nail the execution when you do get the green light.

How to Prepare for Podcast Interviews

How to Prepare for Podcast Interviews

Developing polished podcasting skills is equally important to getting noticed. The best guests don’t just share compelling insights. They deliver value in an engaging manner optimized for the audio format.

Here are proven ways to step up your game:

Practice Near-Flawless Delivery

  • Listen carefully to the host – act as a thoughtful, responsive conversation partner
  • Slow down speech patterns slightly – avoid rambling or oversharing in excitement
  • Modulate tones for charisma and vocal range
  • Fine-tune filler words like “umms”, “likes”, “you knows” through listening back

Master Interview Storytelling

  • Lead by summarizing key points – help listeners orient before diving into details
  • Give vivid descriptions – paint verbal pictures to make ideas tangible
  • Link insights to real examples, data, scenarios people relate to
  • Structure logically – don’t jump randomly between concepts
  • Watch timing – don’t monologue, leave space for interjections

Promote Your Value in Soundbites

  • Prepare concise yet compelling summaries of expertise areas
  • Identify fun facts, statistics, analogies that stick in memory
  • Script ~10 “pet phrases” you default to for framing ideas

Run Dress Rehearsals

  • Conduct mock interviews on Zoom to build fluency with vocalizing insights
  • Ask for blunt feedback from friends/colleagues afterward
  • Refine weak spots -!!!add[] placeholders to remember key messages losing impact

Putting in prep work maximizes your chance of leaving a memorable impression that gets rebooked and referred often.

Being an Outstanding Podcast Guest

The podcast taping itself presents a invaluable opportunity. With thousands eagerly tuning into each show, you must capitalize and convert random listeners into engaged followers.

Here’s how to extract maximum value:

Provide Truly Original Commentary

  • Highlight non-mainstream experiences – e.g. failures/setbacks and the breakthrough lessons within
  • Share counterintuitive insights that challenge assumptions
  • Debate controversial stances backed by reasoned logic
  • Give unusual recommendations beyond generic tips

Make Connections Via Engaging Stories

  • Anchor advice to personal anecdotes people identify with
  • Embrace humor and levity to bond with the audience
  • Admit weaknesses or mistakes to come across genuine and humble

Empower Audience Growth

  • List best channels to connect with you post-show e.g. website, social media
  • Incentivize follows/shares e.g. exclusive discounts for first 100 listeners contacting you
  • Offer free value gifts like templates, resource lists, special reports

Express Gratitude and Appreciation

  • Thank the host sincerely for the opportunity
  • Praise the host for work put into curating shows
  • Validate them by highlighting your positive experience

Being warm, witty and generous on-air breeds new advocates. But the real work begins after the actual appearance.

Following Up for Repeat Appearances

The connections forged with podcasters grant long-term mutual value. Approximately 25% of guests get reinvited to share updates or insights into new topics.

You can significantly increase your odds through smart follow-through:

Share the Episode on Your Channels

  • Post snippets on social media
  • Embed full audio/video onto your website
  • Boost SEO with targeted descriptions and hashtags

This expands the episode’s reach while crediting the host’s platform.

Provide Additional Resources

  • Send the host shareable quotes, images or clips for reposting
  • Offer to write a guest blog article expanding on key themes
  • Give them subscriber-only content like special reports or research

This makes their jobs easier while showcasing your reliability.

Request Specific Feedback

  • Ask them candidly about your areas of strength
  • Inquire into any awkward exchanges or opportunities to improve delivery etc for next time
  • Show you are invested in enhancing effectiveness as a guest

Stay Visible in Their Community

  • Keep engaging with their new content and community discussions
  • Share their episodes through your social networks
  • Continue providing value – guest recommendations, audience questions etc

Express Gratitude

  • Send a thoughtful thank-you message post-release highlighting specific takeaways from the experience that will help you pay it forward
  • Gift them something special like a bottle of nice wine, donate to their pet cause etc.

Collectively, these best practices make you a coveted repeat guest and invaluable member of their tribe.

While we’ve covered quite a bit of ground on becoming a podcast magnate, let’s quickly touch on two final best practices – repurposing appearances and staying on top of industry trends.


Repurposing Episodes Into Multiple Formats

Getting featured on shows lets you multiply exposure by reshaping episode highlights across other channels.

  • Segment audio into short snippets for social posts
  • Transcribe key quotes into graphic images for sharing
  • Adapt transcripts into long-form blog articles expanding on ideas
  • Compile ‘best-of’ commentary into a free downloadable report

Repackaging podcast content gives existing materials new life.

Keeping Abreast of Podcasting Advancements

Like any digital landscape, podcasting continues advancing at breakneck speeds. Guests staying updated on the latest technologies, formats and monetization models wow hosts as industry-savvy experts.

Read Podcast Business Articles

PodNews is the leading publication tracking groundbreaking developments. Bookmark and check weekly for insight into trends like:

  • Rise of micro-podcasting
  • Specialized podcast agencies
  • Podcast subscriptions going mainstream
  • Podcasting expanding across social media
  • Video podcasting growth

Follow Key Influencers

Some noteworthy thought leaders keeping the pulse on podsphere changes include:

  • Rob Walch (VP Podcaster Relations @ Libsyn)
  • Colin Gray (Head of Content @ Acast)
  • Aidan Constable (Editor @ PodNews)

Listen to Meta-focused Podcasts

Shows like New Media Show, Podcast Junkies or Podcraft dive deep on navigation strategies for guests and hosts thriving amidst flux.

So be sure to dedicate time regularly towards intentionally developing fluency around where podcasting is headed.

The arena continues expanding exponentially. But by internalizing tricks shared here for standing out, you position yourself to ultimately become a fixture within this world.

Wrapping up How to Get Booked on a Podcast

Getting traction within the flourishing podcast realm unlocks immense personal branding potential for experts seeking to distill perspectives into the cultural zeitgeist. 

But cut-through relies on grasping and optimizing key tactics spanning online imprints, research and outreach orchestration, community cultivation through contributions, pitch deck finesse, interview preparations and post-appearance follow-ups. 

Additionally, repurposing episode highlights across digital channels coupled with maintaining razor-sharp awareness of emerging podcast innovations grants sought-after guest status. Follow these steps with discipline to amplify your voice and leave an enduring legacy. 

The podium awaits your insight. Seize center stage through mastery of insider success mechanisms!