May 24, 2024
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Finding the Best Products to Sell on Etsy

Finding the best products to sell on Etsy (1)

Etsy has become one of the top online marketplaces for creative entrepreneurs and small business owners to sell their unique, handmade, and vintage items to a global audience. However, with over 4.3 million active sellers on the platform1, simply creating an Etsy shop doesn’t guarantee sales success anymore. The key is finding the right products that will captivate buyers in this highly competitive marketplace.

So how do you identify the best products to sell on Etsy that will attract attention, drive traffic to your shop, and most importantly—generate sales? By leveraging the latest market research tools and Etsy’s own data, we’ll uncover current trends, popular categories, and proven tactics to determine the optimal products to list in your Etsy shop this year.

Why Sell on Etsy?

Why Sell on Etsy

Before diving into specific product selections, it’s important to understand why Etsy is such an appealing platform for small business owners and makers. Here are some of the key benefits of selling on Etsy:

  • Existing Audience – Etsy attracts over 90 million active monthly users globally. Tap into this built-in customer base instead of starting from scratch.
  • Handmade & Vintage Market – Buyers come to Etsy specifically seeking unique, creative, and quirky products they can’t find elsewhere.
  • Low Barriers to Entry – With just a $0.20 listing fee per item, Etsy enables makers to test and validate products with very low upfront costs.
  • Social Experience – Etsy fosters a community experience where storytelling and creative expression are valued.
  • Marketing & Discovery – Etsy attracts buyers through on-site search, relevant product recommendations, and email marketing.

Selling handmade, custom, or vintage goods through your own Etsy shop can be extremely rewarding personally and financially. But in order to achieve success on this global stage, strategic planning and insightful data analysis are required.

How to Research the Market

With endless product possibilities on Etsy, how do you pinpoint what will actually appeal to buyers and generate sales? Let’s explore some of the best market research tactics and tools for discovering winning products:

Analyze Current Etsy Trends and Statistics

Etsy’s own website contains a wealth of up-to-date data on current trends and best-selling products. As a seller, this is your best source of insider information. Useful sections to explore include:

  • Etsy Trend Report – Published quarterly, covering top trends based on Etsy’s on-site search and sales data.
  • Holiday Trends – Seasonal trend reports, perfect for planning holiday product launches.
  • Category Benchmarks – Stats on monthly views and conversions for each Etsy category.

You can also browse sections like “Trending on Etsy” and “Gift Ideas” to see what’s popular right now.

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Utilize Ecommerce Market Research Tools

Beyond Etsy’s own statistics, wider ecommerce market research tools can reveal rising trends and opportunities:

  • Google Trends – See what buyers are searching for and how search volume changes over time.
  • eRank – Etsy-specific listings analysis for spying on competitors and identifying gaps.
  • SEMrush – Reveals Etsy keywords that drive the most traffic and have high buyer intent.
  • Google Ads – The keyword planner provides search volume data for product brainstorming.

These tools help uncover what buyers want before items become oversaturated. Pay attention both to current popular searches and rising trends that indicate untapped demand.

Analyze Your Competition

Research what your competitors are selling on Etsy by looking beyond just product ideas to their SEO strategies, listings optimization, shop branding, policies, and marketing tactics.

You can then identify gaps in the market, opportunities to differentiate, and best practices to implement in your own Etsy shop. Carefully analyze the top Etsy sellers in your niche to understand why their formula works.

Validate Demand First

While an item may seem like a cool product idea to you, the most critical question is—will customers actually want to buy it? Before investing time and money into designing, manufacturing, and listing a new product, validate the demand first through:

  • Google Search Data – Assess search volume and trends over time.
  • Etsy Search Bar – Type your product idea in directly to gauge existing competition.
  • Etsy Forums – Float your product concept to get direct customer feedback.
  • Google/Etsy Surveys – Create free surveys to assess interest from potential buyers.

This demand validation gives you confidence that a market exists for your handmade or vintage items before overcommitting.

Choosing the Best Products to Sell on Etsy

With market research completed, it’s time to translate insights and trends into tangible product selection for your Etsy shop.

Keep these tips in mind when brainstorming and deciding on items to sell:

Consider Your Skills & Resources

Think honestly about your own skills, resources, and capacity when choosing products, advises Etsy seller Shannon Dopson3 of The Paper Loft Shop. For example, if you’re great at sewing but lack photography skills, personalized clothing may not be the best fit. If you have limited space for storing inventory, digital products may be preferable over physical items. Analyze your unique strengths and limitations to determine optimal products.

Combine Trends With Timeless Favorites

Balance products aligned with current trends along with evergreen best-sellers, recommends Natalie Kay Smith of The Essential Index4. For example, while geometric terrariums may be hot right now, ceramic mugs and candles will likely always have demand. Use data to jump on trends while still selling classics.

Offer Range For Broad Appeal

Consider listing products across a range of categories and price points to appeal to diverse Etsy shoppers, Courtney Skinner5 of Under Skinned suggests. If you solely focus on high-ticket pieces, you may be missing opportunities with budget-conscious Gen Z and millennial shoppers.

Specialize In Your Niche

While range helps, Jackie Samuel6 of The Cocoa Gypsies emphasizes the power of specialization. Really double down on and become known for a niche. Whether it’s macrame plant hangers, sticker packs for travelers, or hand-painted wine glasses, own your specialty.

Craft Stories Around Products

Think beyond just the product itself to the deeper human story and meaning behind each item, April Bowles of Zula’s Emporium recommends. What inspired your designs? How are they made? What purpose do they serve? Infuse your products with storytelling to connect with shoppers on a deeper emotional level.

Top-Selling Etsy Categories and Products

Top-Selling Etsy Categories and Products

Now let’s explore some of the hottest categories and trending products within each sector that present major opportunities for Etsy sellers this year and beyond.


Jewelry remains Etsy’s single #1 best-selling category year after year. As people return to events and special occasions post-pandemic, the demand grows stronger in 2024.

Best-Selling Jewelry Niches:

  • Handmade beaded bracelets
  • Personalized necklaces
  • Wire-wrapped rings
  • Engraved cufflinks
  • Semi-precious stone pendants
  • Customizable name plates
  • Bridal earrings

Pro Tip: Experiment with niche jewelry items like nose hoops, anklets, and midi rings that appeal to Gen Z buyers.

Home & Living

With people continuing to spend more time at home, Etsy shoppers seek unique décor like wall art prints, candles, pillows, and tapestries to make their space cozier.

Trending Home & Living Products:

  • Abstract canvas wall art
  • Scented soy candles
  • Macrame tapestries
  • Crocheted blankets
  • Custom return address stamps
  • Ceramic mugs
  • Copper wire racks

Pro Tip: Add interest by selling grouped vignettes or full room bundles like “Cozy Reading Nook Packages”

Craft Supplies & Tools

Fueling the DIY and handmade revolution, craft supplies remain one of Etsy’s fastest growing categories as makers stock up10. Consider selling curated kits for specific projects from resin jewelry making to watercolor painting.

Top-Selling Craft Supplies:

  • Crochet kits
  • Macrame cords
  • Watercolor paper pads
  • Acrylic paint sets
  • Embroidery floss bundles
  • Jewelry components
  • Stencil templates

Pro Tip: Create your own printable patterns, SVG cut files, crochet diagrams, and knitting charts to sell to makers.


Increasingly popular with Gen Z and millennials, vintage goods like upcycled clothing, antique maps, and retro tin signs offer nostalgia11. Lean into decade-specific themes popular as costume party attire and wedding décor.

Trending Vintage Items:

  • Upcycled 90s jackets
  • Vintage postcards
  • Antique glass bottles
  • Retro tin lunch boxes
  • Pre-loved band tees
  • Mid-century pottery
  • Grand Millennium doilies

Pro Tip: Curate mystery thrift boxes around niche themes like “90s Hip Hop Memorabilia” or “1960s Beach Finds”

Paper & Party Supplies

This category receives fewer searches than others but converts highly with the most dedicated buyer base12. Consider printable bridal shower invitations, birthday party supplies, stylish stationery, and planners.

Top Paper & Party Goods:

  • Printable art prints
  • Wedding invitations
  • Motivational planners
  • Birthday party bundles
  • Greeting cards
  • Stickers and decals
  • Paper flower bouquets

Pro Tip: Offer themed stationery bundles and DIY party packs targeted to specific events like galentine’s day or baby showers.

Optimizing Your Etsy Shop For Success

While choosing the right products to sell represents the critical first step, setting your Etsy shop up for visibility and conversion success is equally important:

Compelling Listings With SEO Keywords

Include relevant keywords naturally throughout your listing titles, tags, descriptions, and item specifics to help buyers find you in Etsy Search. Research the terms they use.

Standout Photography

Showcase your products in lifestyle scenarios with crisp images and multiple angles. Photography drastically boosts clicks and sales.

Genuine About Section

Share your brand’s story transparently to establish trust and connection with visitors landing on your Shop Home page.

Promoted Listings

Etsy’s advertising platform enables targeting interested buyers via Google Product Listing Ads and Etsy on-site ads.

Ongoing Social Media Marketing

Promote your new listings and offers consistently through Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and even Etsy Teams thread posts.

Stellar Customer Service

Provide 5-star service when answering buyer questions to boost word-of-mouth, reviews, and repeat purchases.

For in-depth guidance on running a successful Etsy shop, check out this comprehensive article.

Wrapping Up Finding the Best Products For Etsy

Selling on Etsy provides a tremendous opportunity to turn your handmade, vintage and crafting passions into a thriving business. But with over 60 million items for sale1, being strategic about your product selection and market positioning determines whose shop will stand out.

As this guide outlines, do your homework first by researching category demand trends, analyzing competitor successes and gaps, validating buyer interest, and really understanding Etsy’s ecosystem.

Combine creativity with data-backed decision making to zero in on the optimal products to sell across jewelry, home goods, craft supplies, vintage wares and stationery. Differentiate in your niche while crafting compelling listings and branding.

Here’s to finding your perfect product-market fit and launching a flourishing Etsy shop fueled by strategic and mindful product selection!

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