May 25, 2024
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10 Lucrative Side Hustles for Men Looking to Make Extra Money

side hustles for men

A side hustle is a great way for men to utilize their skills, make extra money, and achieve more flexibility and fulfillment in their work lives. With the gig economy booming, opportunities abound for taking on part-time work or monetizing a hobby.

Whether you’re looking to pay off debt, build savings, or just earn some spending cash, these 10 lucrative and trending side hustles are worth considering.

Why Side Hustles?

Here are a few of the key benefits side hustles offer:

  • Additional income – Side hustles provide an avenue to supplement your regular earnings, whether it’s an extra $500 or $5000 per month. Even modest earnings can make a difference over time.
  • Flexibility – Many side hustles allow you to set your own hours and work around your schedule, ideal for those with a 9 to 5 job or other commitments.
  • Utilize skills – A side hustle presents the perfect chance to monetize your talents and expertise outside of your day job.
  • Low barrier to entry – Starting a side hustle tends to involve lower risk and upfront costs compared to launching a full-time business.
  • Personal fulfillment – The ability to pursue your passions or interact with customers can provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment beyond just the financial rewards.

Now let’s explore some of the most popular and profitable side hustles for men looking to boost their income.

Lucrative Side Hustles for Men

Lucrative Side Hustles for Men

1. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing presents a flexible way to earn an income through a variety of projects. As a freelance writer, you can choose to specialize in areas like:

  • Blog writing
  • Copywriting
  • Technical writing
  • Grant writing

Rates typically range from 10 to 50 cents per word depending on your niche and experience level. With consistency, talented freelance writers can earn over $50 per hour.

Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and FlexJobs offer opportunities to connect with clients. Or you can pitch to websites directly for guest posting gigs.

Building a portfolio and niche specialization (e.g. financial writing) can help you land higher paying contracts over time.

2. Rideshare Driving

Apps like Uber and Lyft provide an easy entry point to earn extra money by driving passengers around your city. As an independent contractor, you enjoy flexibility in setting your schedule.

While pay varies, Expect to earn around $15 to $25 per hour after deducting gas and other expenses. Driving during peak times (rush hour, weekends, events) generally proves more lucrative.

Pro Tip: Take advantage of sign-up bonuses, which can be up to $500 for new drivers.

Requirements include having an eligible 4-door vehicle in good condition and clearing a background check. Overall, rideshare driving offers a fast way to offset costs and pad your income in your spare time.

3. Tutoring

Tutoring leverages your academic strengths to help others. Options include test prep tutoring, math tutoring, essay editing, and more.

If you scored well on the ACT, SAT, or GRE, tutoring high schoolers could prove rewarding. Expect average pay rates around $30 to $50 per hour. However specialized tutors can charge up to $100 per hour in some cases.

You can offer in-person tutoring locally or tutor students online via services like Wyzant and Varsity Tutors.

Building reviews and effective marketing materials like flyers can help attract student leads in your neighborhood. Those comfortable on camera may also create tutoring courses and post them to platforms like Udemy for passive income potential.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing represents a scalable side hustle with relatively low barriers to entry. The concept allows you to earn a sales commission promoting other companies’ products.

Popular niches include:

  • Software
  • eCommerce stores
  • Credit cards
  • Insurance products

Top affiliate marketers can comfortably earn over six figures per year, although when starting out, aim for $500+ per month.

Platforms like Clickbank, CJ Affiliate, and ShareASale provide access to affiliate programs you can apply for. Look for at least 40% commission rates when evaluating programs.

Run a blog, YouTube channel, or social media profile driving relevant traffic to maximize your referral income over time.

5. Resume Writing

With the job market increasingly competitive, job seekers are willing to invest in professionally created resumes to stand out.

As a resume writer, you can charge anywhere from $100 to $500 per resume, depending on your experience and the role the applicant is targeting. Expect to earn $30 to $50 per hour.

A background in human resources, career coaching, or as a hiring manager can help you craft persuasive resumes and cover letters. Familiarity with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) also proves valuable in formatting resumes to pass automated screens.

Try joining sites like FlexJobs and Indeed to find remote resume writing roles.

6. Landscaping

Love working outdoors? Offering landscaping and lawn care services leverages this strength while helping homeowners and businesses keep their properties neat. Roles could include:

  • Lawn mowing and trimming
  • Leaf blowing and raking
  • Weeding and mulching
  • Seasonal planting and maintenance

Charge clients anywhere from $30 to $75 per hour depending on the property size and services rendered. Expect potential to earn up to $2,000 per month with a filled clientele.

Investing in reliable equipment like a lawnmower, trimmer, blower and rakes can run you $800+ but will quickly pay for itself. Start by targeting homes and offices in your immediate neighborhood before expanding.

7. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants (VAs) handle administrative, technical, and creative tasks for busy clients on a freelance basis. Common skill sets among VAs include:

  • Email and calendar management
  • Travel and event planning
  • Customer service
  • Graphic design
  • Bookkeeping
  • Social media management

Most VAs charge between $25 and $50 per hour for their services, with part-time earnings potential around $1,000 to $3,000 monthly.

Sign up for sites like Fancy Hands and Belay to get paired with clients. Having niche expertise within your VA services can help you command higher rates.

8. Voice Over Work

Leveraging your unique voice to record custom scripts for videos, ads, audiobooks, and corporate narrations can be extremely lucrative. Think commercial voice overs and explainer video narration.

In-demand voice over artists charge at least $100 per hour in the studio, although beginners sometimes work for less. Earning potential stretches into the six figures for top talent able to work consistently.

You’ll need a clear studio recording to showcase your abilities on sites like and Fiverr to start. Developing relationships with production houses and marketing agencies can help secure recurring work.

It may take time to hone your vocal skills, build a portfolio and earn reviews. But persistence pays off in voice over work.

9. Bookkeeping

Nearly every business needs help keeping their finances organized and taxes in check. Offering freelance bookkeeping services can be done virtually, with no client meetings required.

Bookkeepers earn an average of $30 to $50 per hour. Expect to support tasks like accounts receivable/payable, payroll, expense tracking, bank reconciliation, and financial statement prep.

Most freelance bookkeepers report earning $2,000 to $4,000 per month working part-time hours.

Certifications like the QuickBooks Certified User can help demonstrate expertise to small business owners. Having an accounting, finance or MBA background also appeals to clients.

10. Graphic Design

Finally, graphic design remains one of the most popular side hustles given rising demand for visual content across the web and social media.

As a freelance graphic designer, clients may hire you for:

  • Logo design
  • Packaging design
  • Website graphics
  • Advertisements
  • Infographics
  • Presentations
  • Marketing materials

Pricing often ranges from $15 to $100 per hour, with many designers charging $50+. Expect earnings potential around $3,000 per month as you build your clientele and portfolio.

Digital design skills like Adobe Creative Suite proficiency can help you deliver the assets clients want efficiently. Prior experience at a marketing agency also prepares you well for freelance design work.

Comparison Table

Side HustleEarning Potential (1-10)Ease to Start (1-10)Difficulty to Manage (1-10)
Freelance Writing876
Rideshare Driving695
Affiliate Marketing877
Resume Writing765
Virtual Assistant666
Voice Over Work956
Graphic Design867


  • Freelance Writing: High earning potential with variable pay depending on niche; relatively easy to start with platforms like Upwork, but managing deadlines can be challenging.
  • Rideshare Driving: Moderate earning potential, very easy to start with apps like Uber or Lyft, but managing expenses and peak time driving can be somewhat difficult.
  • Tutoring: Good earning potential, especially for specialized subjects; not as easy to start unless through a platform, with moderate ease of managing schedules and student needs.
  • Affiliate Marketing: High potential for passive income; moderate to start as it requires understanding of marketing and building traffic, and constant campaign management.
  • Resume Writing: Good earning potential with a high charge per resume; requires specific skills to start and moderate effort to manage client expectations and deadlines.
  • Landscaping: Good earning potential, easy to start if you have the equipment, but physically demanding and dependent on seasonal work.
  • Virtual Assistant: Moderate earning potential; relatively easy to start especially on platforms like Belay, but managing multiple client demands can be challenging.
  • Voice Over Work: High earning potential for skilled artists; more challenging to start due to need for equipment and portfolio, with ongoing effort to secure gigs.
  • Bookkeeping: Consistent demand and pay; requires specific skills and certifications to start, with ongoing effort needed to manage multiple clients’ books.
  • Graphic Design: High demand with potential for high pay; requires design skills to start and ongoing project management.

Getting Started With a Lucrative Side Hustle as a Man

Getting Started With a Lucrative Side Hustle as a Man

Launching a profitable side hustle takes research, planning, and consistent effort. Here is a quick checklist to guide next steps:

1. Identify your niche

Analyze your skills, interests and experience to select a focused side hustle category, like web development, copywriting, or lawn care.

2. Set up the logistics

Determine if you need an LLC, business permits, insurance, or contracts to operate legally and minimize risk. Shop for required equipment if delivering local services.

3. Build a portfolio

Craft samples and case studies that demonstrate your abilities within your chosen side hustle. Treat this as your resume to appeal to clients.

4. Create branded assets

Design visual assets like a logo, color palette, and templates to reinforce your personal brand and appear professional.

5. Set your rates

Research industry averages for your niche side hustle and experience level. Price competitively but also value your worth.

6. Reach clients

Leverage social media, cold outreach emails, local ads, and freelance platforms to actively promote your side hustle and find paying clients.

With some hustle and smarts, you can absolutely achieve your income goals with a strategic side hustle tailored to your strengths.

Side Hustle Trends and Tips

Below we’ll cover some overarching side hustle trends, along with tips to help maximize your success:


  • The freelance economy will likely continue growing over 15% annually through 20271 as talent and clients embrace remote work. All signs point to increasing side hustle opportunities.
  • Creative fields like social media management, branding services, content creation, and digital marketing support are in high demand among entrepreneurs and startups.
  • Delivery and ride sharing apps should remain popular side hustles despite some pandemic pullbacks. Food delivery provides essential services while ridesharing leverages existing assets.
  • Online education and tutoring present scalable side hustles, especially if you can create video courses, resources or offer virtual 1-on-1 sessions.
  • The need for skilled trades and repairs persists despite economic uncertainty. Offering plumbing, electrical, HVAC, or general handyman services locates a constant customer base.


  • Track your time and costs, even informally. Understanding your true hourly earnings and profit margins helps optimize pricing and efficiency.
  • Reinvest early earnings into better equipment, websites, or software that elevates your offering. The right investments can help you scale.
  • Set boundaries regarding when and how much you’ll work your side hustle to avoid burnout. Limit client requests that don’t honor your rates or schedule needs.
  • Solve business pain points. Identify pressing problems your niche customers face and position your services as the solution. This helps convey value quickly.
  • Specialize your skills to command higher rates rather than be seen as a generalist. But offer package deals mixing complementary services as well.

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Wrapping Up Side Hustles for Men

Starting a side hustle represents an exciting step toward greater career freedom and additional income. While rewarding, effectively balancing side work amid your other commitments requires planning and self-discipline.

Hopefully the roadmap and ideas in this guide provided some “aha” moments regarding lucrative opportunities worth exploring further.

Remember, today’s side hustle could grow into tomorrow’s full-time small business if nurtured properly. By matching your strengths and interests to market demand, you set the stage for potential expansion later.

Even an extra few hundred dollars per month from a modest side hustle improves financial margins to pay off debt or start investing. Meanwhile 10+ hours invested weekly into the right niche can steadily generate over $50K annually.

But beyond the money, side hustles allow men to showcase their talents, achieve personal milestones, forge connections, and unlock fulfillment that traditional jobs may lack.

Determine what true work-life balance means for your situation. Then craft a personalized plan to test possible hustles, set targets, and schedule time to reach your goals.

With strategic effort and consistency, I’m confident you’ll soon enjoy the many rewards a purpose-driven side hustle brings!

Here’s to your success.

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