May 25, 2024
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What are the Most Profitable Print-on-Demand Products in 2024?

most profitable print on demand products

The print-on-demand (POD) business model has exploded in popularity in recent years. By allowing entrepreneurs to sell customized products without upfront inventory costs, POD opens the doors to launching an ecommerce business with minimal financial risk. However, the key to success lies in selecting the right mix of print-on-demand products to offer.

With so many product categories to choose from, how do you identify the most profitable print-on-demand niches in 2024? This comprehensive guide examines the core components that make a product profitable, analyzes top print-on-demand products based on current sales trends, and explores emerging opportunities to consider.

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Key Takeaways

In closing, here are the core recommendations for profiting from print-on-demand in 2024:

  • Seek high customer demand coupled with low competitor saturation
  • Offer customization options to enable premium pricing
  • Prioritize quality production and reliable fulfillment
  • Analyze market data to identify emerging trends
  • Ensure strategic alignment between products and brand identity
  • Employ targeted multi-channel marketing campaigns

Understanding the Print-On-Demand Market

The print-on-demand market is projected to grow to $117.4 billion by 2025. This explosion in demand is driven by the flexibility and convenience offered by print-on-demand for both consumers and entrepreneurs. For consumers, POD allows purchasing unique customized products without the limitations of mass manufacturing. And for entrepreneurs, POD provides an avenue to start an ecommerce business with minimal financial risk and overhead.

When assessing the profitability potential of print-on-demand products, key factors to consider include:

  • Demand and Competition: Niches with sustained consumer demand coupled with relatively low competition offer the highest profit margins.
  • Customization Range: Products that can be uniquely customized attract premium pricing.
  • Production Costs: Lower per unit production costs result in higher margins.
  • Sales Channels: Products suited for multiple sales channels from Etsy to Amazon to Shopify sites maximize reach.

By evaluating products across these criteria, we can determine optimal print-on-demand opportunities.

Core Components of a Profitable POD Product

Core Components of a Profitable POD Product

Taking a closer look at key elements that boost profitability, here are the core components of a lucrative print-on-demand product:

High Demand and Low Competition

Selecting a niche with strong customer demand is the first step. But high competition will erode profits. The ultimate sweet spot is a product buyers actively seek out yet has few competing offerings flooding the market.

Customization and Uniqueness

Print-on-demand stands apart from mass manufacturing through easy customization. Products that leverage customization allow you to charge premium pricing. Personalized elements could include a person’s name, unique designs, custom sizes and more.

Quality and Reliability

Consumers are willing to pay more for products perceived as higher quality. Choosing POD suppliers with modern printing equipment and positive brand reputation results in products customers trust. Reliable production and shipping also minimizes refund requests.

By keeping these profit drivers in mind, let’s explore specific products demonstrating these traits.

Top Profitable Print-On-Demand Products

With a strategic analytical approach, we’ve identified some of the most lucrative print-on-demand niches for 2024.

T-Shirts and Apparel

Custom apparel, especially t-shirts, remains one of the most searched print-on-demand keywords. As a universally worn garment, t-shirts appeal to all demographics. Reports project the global t-shirt market to be worth $259 billion by 2026.

Profit Factors

  • High demand: T-shirts are a wardrobe staple for all ages, with especially high volume sales for niche themes like travel, pets, and family.
  • Customization: T-shirts can be personalized with names, quotes, designs, sleeve prints, and more.
  • Accessible price-point: Cost-conscious consumers readily purchase t-shirts priced under $25.

Profitable Niches

  • Music band tees
  • Activist slogans
  • Family reunion shirts
  • Vacation souvenirs
  • Pet breeds

Hoodies and Sweatshirts

Hoodies and sweatshirts rank among the top-selling print-on-demand apparel items. As a popular casualwear choice across genders and age groups, sweatshirts offer versatile customization.

Profit Factors

  • Year-round demand: Consumers purchase sweatshirts across seasons. Lighter blends sell well spring through fall while fleece lined versions peak during winter months.
  • Unisex appeal: Hoodies appeal to both men and women with oversized and crop fits catering to specific demographics.
  • Branding potential: Bold logo and graphic prints stand out on the expansive surface area of sweatshirts.

Profitable Niches

  • eSports team merchandise
  • Inspirational fitness apparel
  • Nature landscapes and outdoor adventure themes
  • Nerdy niche fandoms


As a frequently used household item, printed mugs earn their place as a top seller for print-on-demand. Well-designed mugs also make popular personalized gifts.

Profit Factors

  • Mass appeal: Almost every household uses mugs daily. Minimal costs encourage impulse purchases.
  • Gifting potential: Thoughtful mug designs focused on occupations, hobbies or relationships sell well.
  • Small footprint: Low shipping costs compared to bulkier items makes mugs profitable.

Profitable Niches

  • Teacher appreciation gifts
  • Personalized pet owner mugs
  • Inspiring office mantras
  • DIY and crafting slogans
  • Gamer fuel mugs

Bags and Totes

Reusable printed bags appeal to the environmentally conscious while serving as walking billboards. Tote bags represent an eco-friendly product with customization upside through prominent logo placement.

Profit Factors

  • Eco-friendly appeal: Consumers increasingly seek reusable bag options over single-use plastic bags.
  • Functional gift: Totes work for many occasions like birthdays, Mother’s Day, graduation.
  • Value pricing: Budget-friendly cost allows for impulse purchases.

Profitable Niches

  • Local small businesses
  • Library and book club swag
  • Fundraiser events
  • Farmer’s markets
  • Trade association conferences

Water Bottles

Print-on-demand water bottles capitalize on the intersection of environmentally friendly consumer preferences and the growing daily hydration movement. Customization further enables specialized branding.

Profit Factors

  • Hydration trends: Health conscious consumers represent an expanding niche.
  • Reusable appeal: Refillable bottles check the eco-friendly box.
  • Premium pricing: Quality materials like stainless steel allow higher margins.

Profitable Niches

  • Custom corporate gifts
  • Specialized sports teams
  • Personalized kids’ designs
  • Charity fundraiser outreach
  • Yoga and meditation mantras

Throw Blankets

Cozy printed throw blankets appeal as unique housewarming and holiday gifts while driving interior design sales. Custom throw blankets stand out through fabric choice and creative designs.

Profit Factors

  • Home decor appeal: Printed throws enhance living spaces with personalized flair.
  • Gifting upside: Shoppers purchase throws as housewarming and holiday presents.
  • Premium fabrics: Soft materials like plush, sherpa and faux fur command higher pricing.

Profitable Niches

  • City skylines and architecture
  • Nature landscapes
  • Genealogy family trees
  • Picture collages
  • Inspiring affirmations

This list highlights some of the hottest selling print-on-demand products for 2024. But new niches continue to emerge based on trends and tech advances.

ProductCost to Produce (Estimate)Typical Selling PriceProfit Margin (Estimate)Remarks
T-Shirts and Apparel$10 – $15$25 – $35$15 – $20High volume and competitive pricing might require keeping the cost low while still offering quality to command a higher selling price.
Hoodies and Sweatshirts$20 – $25$40 – $60$20 – $35Given their popularity in colder seasons, premium pricing is achievable, especially with unique designs or limited editions.
Mugs$5 – $8$15 – $25$10 – $17Mugs have a lower production cost and can be sold at a modest price point, making them accessible and popular gifts.
Bags and Totes$7 – $12$20 – $30$13 – $18Eco-friendly materials and custom prints can justify a higher price point, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.
Water Bottles$10 – $15$25 – $40$15 – $25Stainless steel or customized bottles have a higher production cost but can be sold at a premium due to the value they offer in terms of sustainability and personalization.
Throw Blankets$20 – $30$50 – $80$30 – $50Premium materials and the potential for intricate designs allow for higher selling prices, especially when marketed as luxury or personalized items.

Emerging Products and Trends in Print-On-Demand

While mainstays like apparel, mugs and totes represent proven winners, keep an eye on these emerging print-on-demand products tapping into growing trends:

Tech Accessories

Consumer electronics generate passionate fan bases translating into demand for accessories. Custom skins, cases and sleeves for laptops, phones, tablets and gaming systems enable fans to showcase their loyalites.

Home and Office

The work-from-home movement spotlights opportunities for unique office, organizational and planner products customized with productive slogans and designs.

Wellness and Fitness

The self care and fitness movement intersects beautifully with print-on-demand through products like motivational water bottles, customized yoga mats and apparel promoting healthy lifestyles.

Eco-Friendly Products

Consumers increasingly favor sustainable materials like recycled plastic and organic cotton. Products with environmental messaging also resonate.

Choosing the Right Print-On-Demand Products

With seemingly endless possibilities, print-on-demand product selection requires market savviness and strategic alignment with your brand.

Start by analyzing your production capabilities – order minimums, product categories, customization options and material offerings. This determines your practical scope.

Next assess market demand in your niche, checking Google Trends and print-on-demand platform data to gauge consumer interest and competition levels.

Finally ensure your print-on-demand product catalog aligns with your brand identity, target customer profile, and messaging. Consistency strengthens positioning while fragmentation dilutes impact.

Effectively Marketing Print-On-Demand Products

Effectively Marketing Print-On-Demand Products

Designing compelling print-on-demand products serves as only the first step. Your marketing strategy will ultimately determine sales volumes.

Leverage SEOOptimizing product pages for keywords not only boosts organic traffic but also expands surface area for long tail searches. Share behind the scenes and “making of” content to build authority.

Create Shareable Social Content

Platforms like Instagram and TikTok, with their emphasis on visual content, lend themselves beautifully to print-on-demand products. Create bite-sized videos showcasing new designs.

Partner With Influencers

From niche micro-influencers to celebrity names, influencer partnerships get your products in front of targeted engaged audiences. Offer custom collaborator designs to entice participation.

Advertise On Relevant Channels

Contextual advertising on podcasts, websites and newsletters frequented by your audience keeps your brand top of mind. Retarget past customers to increase repeat purchase rates.

The Future of Print-On-Demand Products

While historically focused on promotional apparel, the print-on-demand market continues to expand into new verticals like electronics, home goods, office supplies and accessories.

Technological advancements in production equipment increasingly enable next-level product personalization. Mass customization allows buyers to dial in sizing, materials and components to meet their exact specifications.

As consumer demand grows for unique goods over mass manufactured products, expect print-on-demand services to thrive. Forward-thinking brands should continually assess product selection against emerging niches, cultural trends and generational preferences.

Wrapping up the Most Profitable Print-on-Demand Products in 2024

The print-on-demand marketplace provides a golden opportunity to launch a business with minimal financial risk. By specializing in customized products resonating with today’s consumers, print-on-demand entrepreneurs can build a brand poised for long term profits.

Now over to you! Which print-on-demand niche aligns closest with your passions and capabilities? The possibilities await!

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